When entering into a relationship, seek God’s guidance to see if the person you are praying for line up to the will of God. Sometimes the answer is “NO” or “NOT RIGHT NOW. Take the NO’s and NOT RIGHT NOW’s into a positive perspective and know that God is trying to save you for someone better and just for you. Don’t get upset; accept it and move on. I know it may be hard, because it may be a person you really liked or have become acquainted with, but in God’s eyes, they’re not what you need. God will provide what’s best for your life in due time if you just trust Him. In order for God to get your attention, He has to strip you of everything you love. So stop crying over those who have walked out on you. Obviously, God allowed them to leave for a reason because He knew they would only hinder you from going to the place He has prepared for you. So, keep the faith and know that God is not trying to hurt you or harm you, He only wants what’s best and will give you what you need instead of what you want. If God didn’t send them, don’t expect Him to bless it! God will not encourage a relationship that He is excluded from. Stop entertaining every emotion or every person that shows interest. If God isn’t the foundation, then the building will not stand! A guy who loves Jesus will respect you, pursue you, pray for you and with you, and not only that; treasure you! He won’t try to pressure you or control you; he will gently walk beside you and lead you. He will worship you, and most importantly, remind you that only God can truly satisfy you. #ConsultGodFirst  Read more here***** http://www.lucretiacargill.com


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