The best way to hear from God and know the way He wants you to live is to know what the Bible, His word says. God’s word gives wisdom. As we study the Bible, our mind is renewed (Romans 12:2). So, we no longer just think the way the world thinks, but we can think the way God thinks! We must habitually study the word to have confidence in God and know we can hear Him. The Bible is food for our spirit. As we spend reading and meditating, you can develop a strong spirit. Then, we can hear God speaking to our heart where He dwells in us to make decisions based upon what we think, feel, or want. When you go beyond what you want, what you think and what you feel and do what the word and the Spirit of God tell you to do, then you can develop good habits and break bad ones. You come to a place where the blessings of God-His righteousness, peace and joy overflow in your life. Life is simple and peaceful when we come to God like little children and say, “God, I don’t want to live on my own. I want to trust you when I don’t know what to do. I’ll trust you when I don’t understand why I’ll trust you. I’ll do my part with your help, and when I’m done, I’ll trust you to do the rest”. There are times in life when we are thrown a fast ball where circumstances in life will hit us quickly and unexpectedly, taking us off guard and sometimes knocking us off course. Some of us will lose faith for us to begin to believe again. But, it takes much more for us to develop trust. Have the courage to step out on faith and allow God to build your trust. Though, you may have been taken off guard in the past and you may have lost faith and trust, but incline your ear to the Lord and follow His lead. Let the Father heal you and give you what you need so you can get to the place were your heart is abundant in faith and trust. Faith has always been key in my life. It has been faith that allowed me to tread places where others would probably never go. It has been because of my faith, that I dare to do and believe for things that seem impossible to the human mind, but very possible to our loving God. It is no doubt in my heart and mind that God has blessed me with the gift of faith. It is far beyond just having faith the size of  a mustard seed…It is the kind of faith that will believe and hold on even after everyone has let go and gone. It’s the kind of faith that will trust wholeheartedly in the word of God and see the dead resurrected without a hint of hesitation or doubt. Have there been times when I wanted to give up, not believe, and have had some doubts? Most certainly! But it has always been faith that wins out. I just can’t let go no matter what things in my life look like. You must be able to have faith in what God says and leap into the unknown believing that He will not fail you!



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