We have God’s light within us- yet we still run into long spiritual nights where it seems our light has gone out. It could be a long illness that seems to have snuffed it out; it might be a death in the family, the loss of a job, or the breakup of a marriage. Whatever it is, scares us. It makes us feel as though we can’t see the way ahead. We feel as though the light as left us. When that happens, we may feel as though we are at fault. We wonder if we failed to be as responsible as the Proverbs 31 Woman. Was it some carelessness of ours that led to our light going out? Did we do something wrong? Are we lacking in faith? When despite all my best efforts, the lights have gone off in my life… it helps to know that these dark times come to everyone. They are normal. Just as the natural world needs both day and night, so we, too, need periods of spiritual illumination and times of spiritual obscurity. But knowing that doesn’t take away the fear and pain we experience during these dark times. Sometimes it seems as though we cannot make it through one more day, let alone another night when we lie awake worrying. Struggles, hardships, pain, and difficulty envelop us. We cry out (to God, to life). “Please, No more”! I can’t endure anything else”. In those desperate moments, we need to ask ourselves. “Can you make it through the next hour?” If so, we can put our energy into that-and nothing more. If we can’t make it through the next hour, can we endure the next half hour…the next fifteen minutes…the next minute? Then we can commit ourselves to that small space of time and look no further ahead. God is always with us at our darkest hour and He will never leave nor forsake us. Endurance is the Key! If we continue to run this race, and ask God for the strength to press on, then I believe we can make it. Sometimes God’s light only lights the darkness one step ahead. In that case,, we need to simply take that single step. We don’t need to worry about the next step (or the next minute, the next hour, the next day.) As we take moments, minutes, hours as they come, one at a time, not worrying about the darkness that seems to lie ahead, we will find that God gives us the light we need. Slowly, moment by moment, we move into a new place. A new day dawns. Dark times are allowed and come to us through the sovereignty of God. Are we prepared to let God do what He wants with us? Are we prepared to be separated from the outward, evident blessings of God? Ask God… “During dark times, Lord increase my faith in You. May I be willing to walk a step at a time. Help me to be willing to learn whatever You are trying to teach me during this dark period in my life”, Amen. Remember, even through your darkest moments, God is always there!



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