“Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”-Psalm 119:104-105

GOD, through HIS WORD, has established the ways in which we should live as HIS children. As children of GOD, we have chosen to surrender to the will of GOD for our lives. In order to understand the will of GOD for our lives, we have to have an understanding of HIS WORD. In GOD’s WORD, HE has set up the way in which HE expects us to live and represent HIM as HIS children. It is through the WORD of GOD, we understand what it means to be led by the SPIRIT of GOD.

Being led by the SPIRIT of GOD does not mean that we get up and wander around aimlessly until we hear a voice or see a sign. That is a spiritually immature way to live. The more we study the WORD of GOD, the more we understand how GOD functions. We also come to understand the way GOD desires for us to function.

GOD loves us so much. HE made sure that we never have to guess what HE is thinking. In the Bible, HIS WORD, we are able to determine the ways of GOD versus the ways of the world. There will be instances in our life where the devil will come disguised as a source of light and he will try to influence us to do things that “seem” to be right.

When we remain rooted in the ways of GOD, we will be able to discern GOD’s way from the ways of the enemy that may “appear” to be right. The enemy never throws blatant evil at us and expects us to take the bait. No, that would be too simple. The devil disguises his trickery in things that we may think are harmless. Once we become ensnared, it becomes very hard for us to try and let go of the enemy’s hold over our lives.

This is why GOD presses it upon our hearts to follow HIS way of life. In the way of GOD, we become free from the wiles of the enemy. There is only freedom in obeying GOD’s decrees-freedom and joy. GOD’s laws serve as a lamp in our lives, saving us from the grasps of darkness and leading us into HIS glorious light. 

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