If you want to know what prayer can do, go to the Word of God and find out what it has done in the past. Prayer is just as powerful today as it ever has been in the past because God has not changed. God is still on the throne, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me”. Is there anything too hard for me? (Jeremiah 32:27). Nothing is too hard for God.

Cancer melts before the presence of God through prayer. A couple of years ago, my friend husband found out that he had cancer in his lungs. He showed me an X-Ray where he had three cancer cells the size of a dime in his lungs. When he found out, the doctor wanted to schedule him for chemo; he told the doctor that he wasn’t going to chemo and for him to do whatever he had to do as far as the paperwork.  About a week later due to his follow-up, the doctor performed another X-Ray on him and he was SHOCKED that the cancerous cells was gone! He showed me were the cancerous cells was gone too! Glory to God! I  was in total shock! I knew God had something to do with that. I was so amazed at what God had done in his life.

The Bible tells us in James that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him (James 5:15). Signs and wonders take place through prayer. Don’t read a prayer, talk to God from your heart. Did you ever think of reading a request to your parents? They would have thought something was wrong in your head. I wanted to talk to my parents from my heart, and that’s the way they liked it. I talk to the Lord from my heart as well. I tell Him how I feel, how I believe in Him, what I’m expecting Him to do, that I’m waiting in prayer.

Answers to prayer from Heaven are not accidents at any time. God is moving on the throne, including man in His plans. I like that. When you earnestly talk to God in righteousness and holiness, He includes you in His plans always. If you aren’t getting any prayers answered, there’s something wrong, but the problem isn’t in Heaven. Don’t look around and ask God what’s wrong, check inside to see how many wires are down. When everything on the inside is right, you’ll find the Lord will hear your prayer. God answers prayers. Maybe you’ve whispered a prayer and didn’t get an answer, but don’t doubt that the Lord loves you. 

He wants your heart, no one ever prays alone.  When you to pray to God, there is a multitude of angels of prayer, they’re praying with you, regardless of your religious faith or how you are behaving. They are there enhancing your prayer, interceding on your behalf and imploring God to grant your prayer. Every time you pray, even if it is only one word, the angels of prayer are like a never ending stream, flowing at tremendous speed to Heaven with your prayers. Nothing is too trivial. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by a situation such as war or famine and we can do nothing to help. We can pray.

When we are moved by something we see on TV news or read about in a newspaper, we should say a prayer. When you hear an ambulance, or walk past a hospital, say a quick prayer for whoever is sick and for those who are caring for them. When you see someone in difficulties on the street, say a prayer for them. We all need to expand our circle of prayers out from ourselves, our family and friends. You are being called upon to pray for other people including people in the world who you have never met. I believe that every one of you has been demonstrated the power of prayer in your own life.

When your mind is all cumbered down with other things and you got to pray, your mind is running one program while your heart is trying to run another. You must get past that place. This is one of the reasons why I say it’s good to have a set prayer time, a quiet time when you can shut all else out and get completely alone with the Lord. The morning is usually the best time to pray, but if you were anything like me, I pray all during the day or whenever I feel like I need to pray. There’s no limit to prayer! Stay connected to God in every aspect of your life. Many good things will come to you when you become consistent in your prayer life. Trust me, your life will take a turn  for the better! Stay prayed up! 

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6 thoughts on “Prayer is POWERFUL

  1. Thank you for sharing this encouraging message. Great words of comfort and strenth. The power of prayer is a powerful thing.

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