The Importance Of Faith

Faith is developed over the years by the various trials and testing’s that God allows into our lives. Many Christians have wrongly chosen to associate faith with their feeling. This kind of emotional faith can survive only if life is understandable and within their control. But what happens when the rug of human understanding is pulled out from under them and events in their lives turn chaotic or uncontrollable? These Christians sink because their faith is built on emotionalism and not on the SOLID rock of faith in Christ JESUS. 

Faith is strengthened when we choose to believe in the unfailing character, faithfulness, and perfect love of God, no matter what surrounds us. When we choose to wallow in fear and doubt, however, faith is weakened. All unbelief and all debate concerning the integrity of God must be repented of and all argument and controversy concerning God’s promises must be abandoned. We must choose by faith to believe that God will forever be true to His Word. God is not only the AUTHOR of our faith, but He is also the FINISHER of our faith.

Faith begins and ends with Him. It is not something we can manufacture within ourselves, but something that resides in our personality or something that is determined by heredity, intelligence, or even religious belief. Faith is simply being fully persuaded that God can do all that He has promised. Here’s a spiritual example: Abraham in the Old Testament is a perfect example of one who had unshakeable faith in God. He got to the point where he offered no arguments, no debate, and no questions when God told him to do certain things. This automatic obedience needs to be our response also.

Abraham wasn’t always a man of unwavering faith. In fact, he once lied to protect himself from the Egyptians (Genesis 12:11-20) and then fought with unbelief concerning the personal promise God made to him (Genesis 16). But in his later years, this same man agreed to sacrifice his son Isaac in perfect obedience to the Lord (Genesis 22:11-18). As the story of Abraham’s life unfolds, we see this flawed man moving steadily from cowardice to faith, from fear to love, and from doubt to obedience. This is the response God wants from every one of His children. We can either choose to trust and mature into an Abraham, or doubt and diminish into a Judas. #TheFAITHWALK




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