As children of God, we have been freed from the power of sin and all strongholds of the enemy. In Christ, we live a life of freedom-free from all forms of bondage. We are no longer slaves to guilt and shame. We are free to live lives filled with joy in Christ. But Paul admonished the Galatians- and us as well- not to use our liberty to fulfill the desires of our flesh. These desires are anything that are contrary to God and what He stands for. The last things we should want is to use our freedom to indulge in things that are against God, our Father.

Instead, we are to focus on serving one another in Love. Love is the main thing that should be at the center of every gathering of believers. Love reflects the nature of God. As we love one another, in Christ, we are showing the world evidence of God’s existence. Love is a rare thing in this world because of the evil that abounds in those who are under the devil’s influence. When we live our love out loud, in our actions and our words, we are calling the world to attention. We are making them aware of a better life- a life in Christ. 

All of the law that was written in the Old Testament is fulfilled in “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. The same things that you desire for yourself should be the things that you desire for other people. The love and care that you give yourself should be the love you give to others and more. When you love your neighbor you do not desire to inflict any harm on them. To do so would be to cause a great travesty. If we treat each other maliciously, like the devil would want us to, we will end up destroying each other and the report of God. We cannot preach and teach of God and His love if we are constantly at one another’s throats. That is not the way we are supposed to live. We are meant to look out for one another, encourage one another, and support one another in all times and seasons. That is the love God desires us to give to one another.



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