In life, we experience so much, and so many got to experience what it feels like to not be listened to, feeling anger and frustration. I had a discussion with someone on what is important when listening, ability or the desire to listen? Overwhelmingly, people said they were now realizing how important it is to want to listen. The principle in the Scriptures teach us the way to live holy lives. But in order to receive God’s instructions, we must learn how to hear Him speak through His Word. In the days of Nehemiah, the Israelites wo helped rebuild Jerusalem were good listeners. After working together to restore the city wall, they asked Ezra to read to them from the scrolls containing God’s laws.

The reading lasted for hours, during which time the people stood and listened intently as the scribe read. They had come together, intent on learning about God’s character and determined to follow His plan. For this reason, the Levites translated, “to give the sense so that the people understood the reading” (Nehemiah 8:8). Understanding what pleases the Lord is essential so we can obey His plan. That means we must  be good listeners who develop greater, attentiveness and zeal for Him, so that when we hear His Word being preached, we will be filled with the desire to hear it.

As we learn, we should be prepared not only to share the Word with others but also to explain it so they, too, can know God and obey. Thought: The voice of God might be coming from places we don’t expect it. As seekers of God’s holy way, we must constantly keep our ears open to His Word, whether it comes from a church leader or from a child. At the same time, we must stay vigilant and use judgment to make sure that what we are hearing is not from someone trying to deceive us and lead us away from God’s plan. 



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