What is our defense against temptation? Most of us have been in a time in our life where we have just had enough, and end up giving into every enticing urge, every hint of desire. Getting out of this mindset requires an understanding of the process of temptation. Though it may not always seem like it when temptation strikes, it is a gradual process. This is a good thing! It means that if we become  aware of it, we can cut it off at any stage. 

Typically, temptation starts in our minds. The tempted person sets up imagined scenarios. God has blessed us with the ability to create entire experiences out of nothing using just our mind, but like so many of God’s gifts, we must be careful not to abuse it. Fantasies may seem harmless if we keep them in our minds and don’t bring them out into the real world, but they can lead us down a winding path, eventually enslaving our minds. We become trapped, unable to spend time with God because we are focused on something else. 

However, there is good news! God is faithful, and when we ask for His help, He can show us how to escape imprisonment. Temptation begins and ends in the mind, so that is where, with God as our general, we wage war on it. Instead of fantasy, we fill our mind with the Word of God and feed on it daily so that our sin will be uprooted and our thoughts transformed. In this way, we are set FREE! 

Prayer: Father, keep my mind steady. I look to Your Word for sustenance and I am filled, I need nothing else. Keep my mind clear so that I can continue my prayer to you. Keep my thoughts pure so that I will be righteous servant in Your eyes. In Jesus name Amen.






4 thoughts on “Defending Against Temptation

  1. Thanks for your encouraging post. It’s true that temptation begins and ends in the mind. If we allow ourselves to entertain the thoughts for too long, we are stirring the pot and are setting ourselves up to give in to temptation. But instead of simply trying to not think about it, we need to focus our minds on something greater and more precious – to fix our eyes on Jesus.

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