When God chose you, He appointed you to bear fruit. In fact, He has chosen you for good works that God has prepared in advance for you to do. Devotional writer Hannah Whitall Smith wrote this: “Christ has chosen us that we should bring forth fruit. A fruitless Christian life is an impossibility.”

A fruitless Christian life is an impossibility.

As you abide with Jesus, staying close to Him (just like a branch stays attached to the vine), your life will produce the fruit God intends. The good works God prepares for you to do involve blessing others through service but also leading those who don’t know the Lord to Jesus Christ.

Your life won’t look like anyone else’s because God designed specific good works for you that He enables you to do by the power of the Holy Spirit. Think about your neighborhood, your school, or your place of work. The Bible teaches that God chooses the exact places where we live (Acts 17:26). What if God placed you exactly where you are in order to bless others and lead them to Jesus? What if the circumstances of your life constitute the perfect soil for the fruit God intends to bear?

You might ask, “Why did God bring me here? I don’t understand His purpose for me!” You now know that God intends to bear fruit through you right where you are as you abide with Jesus. 



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