No matter what you are going through, remember God comes through on time in your victories! Despite the setbacks, holdups, waiting periods, or seasons of perceived stagnations, trust that God is working everything out for your good and has positioned you for greatness for His divine purpose and plan. One promise that God has given us is that He cannot be mocked, so remember that as you live your life for Jesus Christ and walk obediently in His will, word, and way. As you pursue a God-honoring life, you will experience naysaying ridiculers who doubt God’s promises for you and will even laugh at you because you elect to actively trust God in the challenging times and refuse to operate apart from His glorious plan for your life. God won’t allow people to have the last laugh when they attempt to mock your obedience in following His will, word, and way. They won’t be laughing too long because God will come through on time in your victory, and your Vindicating Protective Refuge will show Himself strong in your life.

Your timely victory is sure to be accompanied with a table prepared for you in the presence of your enemies lacking no good thing! Be encouraged today that although things aren’t going the way that you desire, Your Divine designer has stitched a custom, exclusive, one-of-a-kind masterpiece and master plan for your life, and when others see your favored embellished coat of many colors they will know it was from the LORD! So when things appear to not be moving along or forward, trust that God is coming through for you in a timely victory.

When your dreams seem like they won’t come to pass, trust God’s Word and believe that God is coming through for you in a timely victory. When situations cause you to feel defeated, hold on to your faith in God’s promised word and trust that His word will not return to Him void, He is coming through on time. God is on time because He is the Author of time and will come through for you every time! No matter what, don’t forfeit your promised divine sure blessings for the allured lies of Satan. Ask God for wisdom, discernment, and peace as you wait for Him to come through for you in your timely victory! Amen.


Timely Wisdom

“Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.”- Proverbs 4:6-7

God comes through on time in providing wisdom during situations in life that appear confusing. Throughout God’s Word we read several accounts when individuals faced situations when timely wisdom was vital. They needed the timely wisdom of God to enforce God-honoring solutions to the present problem. For example, Solomon asked God for wisdom on how to govern his people effectively, and God came through in timely wisdom when a dispute took place between two mothers and their children. Daniel replied with discretion and wisdom to Nebuchadnezzar’s bodyguard when a decree went out to put him and his friends to death.

God came through in timely wisdom for Daniel to not only communicate and function in times of turmoil, but God granted Daniel wisdom for the interpretation of the king’s dream. Esther sought wisdom when she learned about the evil attempt of Haman regarding the annihilation of her people. Ananias sought wisdom from God when called to follow God’s will and purpose when commanded to go lay his hands on Saul.

In following God’s timely wisdom, Ananias’ obedience led to Saul regaining his sight and being filled with the Holy Spirit. God’s Word is a reminder to you that God is timeless, holds time, not bound by time because He created time. These accounts are just a few of several testimonies in the Bible for believers to stand firm and know that no matter what we face, God is timely as it relates to His promise of wisdom being activated and in full effect in your life.

Don’t think for one moment that God will not show up on time for you, even when you feel and it appears that time is lost, the time is over, and you can’t regain time. God is the One who has a plan for your life and He always fulfills His purpose, plan, and will for your life in due season (HIS TIME!). When you ask our Heavenly Father for wisdom, He promises in His Word to give it to you without finding fault. God’s timely wisdom will kick in, in every situation, even when you naturally think you aren’t prepared to get through a particular issue. Be encouraged today that God will provide you with timely wisdom as it relates to every decision and aspect in your life. Trust Him. God is coming through for you!


Life’s challenging obstacles can cause us to feel overwhelmed with heartache, sadness, and despair. During these challenging experiences in our lives, it is vital that we draw close to God so He will draw close to us. Although you face troubles, remember that God, our heavenly, all-knowing Father, knew what you would encounter before the foundations of the earth were laid.

That unpleasant, life-changing experience you faced might’ve been a shock to you, but God knew about that before He created you and He already set up an internal encouragement system within you to assist you during difficult times, when you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and Savior. Despite the setbacks, detours, and pit stops you face, remember that God has a purpose for you that will be fulfilled.

In scripture, David experienced a devastating, overwhelming event. David returned home with his men only to find that the Amalekites raided and burned his land with fire and took captive the women and children. David and the people who were with him wept until they were too exhausted to weep any more, and the people with David spoke of stoning him. Everyone was affected and in distress, but God came through in timely encouragement.

Remember David had a relationship with God; David was a worshiper and a man after God’s own heart. So even in the midst of distress, the scripture states that David felt strengthened and encouraged in the LORD His God and sought God’s direction regarding his troubles and David recovered all that the enemy stole from him. After David encouraged himself in God, I believe he was able to inquire of God’s direction because he had faith and witnessed God’s provision, protection, and promises performed in the past and knew without a doubt that God would come through for him.

You’ve probably experienced a situation similar to David when your steps were ordered to return to a place and everything was totally out of your control, individuals connected to you were negatively impacted and their actions and words indicated that they wanted to get rid of you! Let this be encouragement to you that no matter the situation you are facing or have faced, allow God’s encouragement system to kick in (The Holy Spirit) and inquire of Him at all times regarding your route of divine recovery. God comes through on time for you!


Positive Belief

The story of Abraham amazes me no matter how many times I read it. It’s not just the birth of a son when he was a hundred years old. That’s a miracle! But just as amazing is the information that he waited twenty five years for the fulfillment of the promise. He was seventy-five when God promised Him a son.

I wonder how many of us would believe God and live in expectation for twenty-five years. Most of us probably would have said, “I didn’t really hear from God.” “Oh, I guess maybe God didn’t really mean that”. Or “I need to go somewhere else to get a fresh word from the Lord”.

In our impatience, we often take matters into our own hands. I say we get “bright ideas”–plans of our own, which we hope God will bless. These plans open the door for confusion and chaos. Then their results must be dealt with, which often delays our miracle.

The Bible gives us promises, hope, and encouragement. God promises good to those of us who serve Him. Despite the adversity of our circumstances– and some people have absolutely terrible situations– God still promises good. Our sense of goodness, however, may not be the same as God’s. Getting what we want immediately may not be best for us. Sometimes waiting is the best thing because it helps develop the character of God in us.

The Lord chooses to do good to us and make us happy; the devil chooses to do wrong and to make us miserable. We can remain patient and keep believing God’s promises, or we can allow the evil one’s whisper to fill our ears and lead us astray.

Positive belief in God’s promises yields good results because the Good One sends them to us. Refuse to give up, and you will see the results of your positive belief.

A Positive Perspective


A spiritual wilderness does not have to be a negative time if we are eager to obey God. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but the desert’s purpose is quite positive: to train, purify, strengthen, and prepare us for a new move of God’s Spirit, resulting in us becoming more fruitful.

Unknowingly, when entering the wilderness, many people panic and behave unwisely. Without understanding, they search for and do the wrong things. An example might be a radical change in career or changing from one church to another—any drastic move in their life that they think will bring instant happiness or restore what was normal. For a single person, it might be leaping toward a new relationship after the hurt of a painful breakup.

If you search for an escape route before understanding why God has you in a particularly dry situation, you unwittingly prolong your wilderness time. This may cause more hardship, frustration, and even defeat, because you don’t understand the season or the place to which God has led you.

This was the case with the children of Israel during their forty years in the wilderness. What was to be a one-year wilderness journey became a lifetime experience. Ouch! A lack of understanding of what was happening to them caused an entire generation to be unfit to inherit the Promised Land.

God’s purpose in leading the children of Israel into the wilderness was to test, train, and prepare them to be mighty warriors able to capture and occupy their divine promise—a new homeland. But instead, the children of Israel erroneously perceived the wilderness as punishment, so they murmured, complained, and lusted constantly.

How tragic! If we can learn to recognize when we have entered a wilderness experience, we can avoid complaining and be thankful that beyond this place is a “Promised Land” of new maturity, power, blessing, opportunity, and fulfilled promise.

How have you viewed your wilderness season?