Don’t Miss The Adventure

We can often miss the adventure that God has before us, because we get stuck in the disappointment behind us—when people or life have failed us. We move on in years, but our life often stops at the point of our greatest disappointments if we don’t go through them. We either go through what happens and manage the disappointments well, or they manage us. But despite how we feel, all the disappointment in the world will never change the promises of God, the reality of Jesus, or His destiny for our lives. None of our broken dreams, personal heartaches, or shattered plans will stop His desire for us to fulfill our purpose.

Yes, the disappointment is real. The consequences can be devastating. But to keep moving forward, we have to learn to be resilient. We have to learn to trust, like a little child. We have to learn to manage our disappointments well, so we can try again full of renewed hope. Has it ever occurred to you that, if you’ll revisit your disappointment, God can give you a new perspective of it and that it can become a tool to help others? That you can take what He gives to you and pass it on? “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God” (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

Has it ever occurred to you that God has a new trajectory for you getting to your destiny? Disappointment is a place we pass through, not a place where we stay. God wants us emotionally engaged in His purposes. Living in the moment. Fully alive. Hopeful. He wants us to let Him restore our hearts, so we can keep moving forward and fulfill His good purpose for our lives. Even when people—and life—fail us.

What Is Your Net Worth?

Net worth is a concept most people understand solely in terms of finance—it refers to the numerical figure remaining after your debts have been subtracted from your assets. Ideally, the amount is a positive number, not a negative one. The larger the number, the richer you’re thought to be from a human perspective. But from God’s perspective, net worth is quite different. He sees the whole of your life when He views your prosperity. He doesn’t divide your life into segments and evaluate you according to some kind of average of strengths and weaknesses.

God looks instead at His immeasurable love for you and the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross. In that light, you’re beyond any measurement that might be associated with value (John 3:16). Once you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior and have received God’s forgiveness for your sins, you’re fully vested in God’s total prosperity plan. You qualify fully for His promises related to prosperity and blessing. That isn’t the case for non-believers. People who’ve not accepted Christ simply cannot experience full blessing—according to God’s definition of blessing—primarily because being prosperous includes prosperity in the spiritual life.

Moving forward, there are two key concepts we must understand: 1. Prosperity relates to your entire life. A person can be rich and still not be prosperous. When you think of blessing and prosperity, you must think in terms of life’s whole—a harmony that has spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and relational dimensions. 2. Prosperity is God’s plan for every believer. God’s greatest desire is that you be a whole person. He desires to bless you and cause you to grow in every area of your life in a balanced and fruitful way as you fulfill His destiny on earth. God wants you to prosper … and His plan for you goes far beyond mere financial security because He inhabits your entire life. He wants you to flourish in all areas, not just monetary ones.

Learn To Forgive

We have all been wronged, betrayed, or taken advantage of at least a time or two. We may have memories of a painful experience or event with another person that still bother us today. Whether you’ve been hurt by a family member, friend, coworker, boss or a spouse, it’s time to forgive and let it go. Unforgiveness has the power to keep us from moving forward while the person we are angry with has moved on with his or her life. While they are free, we are held captive by memories and emotions that continue to drain us of energy and ambition.

The story of Joseph is compiled with betrayal, forgiveness, and resilience. He was a young man that had a great dream from God that had him headed towards a great destiny. When he told his dreams to his brothers, they became very jealous of him and his dreams. They soon devised a plan to get rid of Joseph that began with them throwing him into a pit and then selling him into slavery. This started a snowball effect of things definitely going in a polar opposite direction of what Joseph’s dreams reflected.

But God used this unfortunate journey to promote Joseph to the position of leadership that He intended all along. Joseph went from being in a pit, to slavery, to prison and then ended up in a palace and second in command to Pharaoh. At the end of the story it’s very evident that Joseph had forgiven his brothers and was now in a position of leadership in which he could provide for them and his household. It was his willingness to reach a place of forgiveness that allowed him to keep dreaming of a better day and reach his destiny.

You’re Not Stuck—You’re Going Through

You’re Not Stuck—You’re Going Through! We will all go through situations in life—some bad, some good. Many times, we think the phrase “I’m going through something” is bad news, but if we view it properly, we realize “going through” is good; it means we’re not stuck! We may be facing difficulties, but at least we are moving forward. Isaiah 43:2 says, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you” (emphasis added).

God’s Word here is clear: we will go through things. We will face adversity in our lives. That’s not bad news; that’s reality. Let me repeat: we will go through things in life, but the things we go through are the very circumstances, challenges, and situations that make us people who know how to overcome adversity. We do not grow or become strong during life’s good times; we grow when we press through difficulties without giving up. Growth is not an automatic result of difficulty. Hardships do not necessarily produce growth or strength in us; it’s not that simple.

We must choose the right attitude toward our challenges and refuse to quit or give up. We may have to do what is right for a long time before we feel it is “paying off,” but if we stay faithful and refuse to give up, good results will come. Once we get through the adversity and challenges we face, we emerge as better people than we were when we went into them. Trust in Him Determine that you will go all the way through every difficulty you face in life. Make a decision now to keep going forward, trusting God no matter how difficult it is because you know He will be with you and you will grow in faith as a result.


  • Choose the right attitude
  • Know how to overcome adversity
  • Make a decision to keep moving forward
  • Trust God no matter the circumstance or situation
  • Remain faithful

Timely Training

“God has a plan”

God has a plan, purpose, and will for your life. Before your existence in history, God appointed your days before one of them came to be! How amazing and all knowing is our God! Despite what people, circumstances, or your thoughts attempt to tell you, remember God knew what He was doing when He divinely ordered your steps as you endured those challenges, sad times, disappointments, setbacks, promotions, expansions, blessings, and positive accelerations. Your collective life experiences are working together for your good and training you for the plans, purposes, and will of God.

As we journey through life as children of covenant, trusting God is absolutely paramount in our lives, although we might not understand all of the puzzle pieces. But when we trust God, knowing that He loves us and will never leave nor forsake us, we are empowered to faithfully believe that God’s training is for where He is taking us. The training God has you going through is timed and on purpose! Your training is strengthening you for where God has ordained you to go. No matter what, remember obedience and faith is God’s way to the TOP! When God ordered Moses’ steps as a baby to be led, raised, and educated in the house of Pharaoh, God came through in timely training because Moses was equipped in the ways and customs to communicate with Pharaoh to serve as advocate for the Israelites’ freedom.

When God ordered David’s steps to shepherd, defend, and tend his father’s sheep, God came through in timely training because not only did his training assist in defeating Goliath, he served as king, shepherding, defending, and tending His heavenly Father’s sheep in praise, God’s will, and worship. When God ordered Esther’s steps, she received advice from the king’s eunuch and found favor with all who saw her, including the king. God came through in timely training because Esther learned order and how to converse with the king on behalf of the deliverance of her people. When God ordered Joseph’s steps to have a dream, be disrespected by his family, rerouted from his homeland, lied on, thrown in jail, forgotten about, God came through in timely training because Joseph was used to save many lives as a leader. Allow these models of timely training to encourage you today. God is training you to fulfill His plan, purpose, and will. God comes through on time.


Pray until your situation changes

Be Expectant God’s power is released when we pray in faith, trusting and believing Him, because faith pleases Him. Expectancy is an attribute of faith that carries its own kind of power – the power of hope. Faith reaches out into the spiritual realm and expects God’s supernatural power to show up and do what no person on Earth could do. Doubt, on the other hand, is afraid nothing good will happen; it does not please God and is not something He is able to bless. We are powerless when we live with doubt, disappointment, and a lack of confidence in God.

Just think about a time when you were not really sure God would come through for you. You were not able to pray very powerful prayers, were you? Now recall a time when your heart trusted completely in God and you really believed that He would come through for you. You were able to pray then with a certain sense of power, weren’t you? That’s the power of expectation in prayer. Even if things don’t work out exactly the way you hoped they would, trust God to know what is best and keep expecting Him to do great things.

God’s word for you today: Expect God to do great things in your life and pray boldly.

Christ Is The Only Way

Christ is the only One that can set you free — forever. To be totally free in Christ requires you to die to yourself daily and to put on the nature of Christ. Only Christ can transform you. Only Christ can set you free from the bondage of sin. Only Christ can heal the wounds of the past. Only Christ can save you, deliver you and make you whole. You can’t cover up a spiritual problem with a carnal remedy. Only Christ can fill your void and heal your heart. Your heart belongs to God, so give every concern and care over to Him — He wants to heal you — completely.

Christ wants to release you from the prison of your past and heal your deepest pain and deep seeded rejection. God has not forgotten about you. He wants to set you free. Your soul has been searching for something that only He can fill. You belong to Him. Not another car, house or business will fill the void that your soul is longing for. Only Christ can satisfy what your soul is searching for. Only He can make you whole. Only He can make you complete. Search and seek after Him and you will be filled. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew‬ ‭5:6‬ ‭KJV


No matter what you are going through, remember God comes through on time in your victories! Despite the setbacks, holdups, waiting periods, or seasons of perceived stagnations, trust that God is working everything out for your good and has positioned you for greatness for His divine purpose and plan. One promise that God has given us is that He cannot be mocked, so remember that as you live your life for Jesus Christ and walk obediently in His will, word, and way. As you pursue a God-honoring life, you will experience naysaying ridiculers who doubt God’s promises for you and will even laugh at you because you elect to actively trust God in the challenging times and refuse to operate apart from His glorious plan for your life. God won’t allow people to have the last laugh when they attempt to mock your obedience in following His will, word, and way. They won’t be laughing too long because God will come through on time in your victory, and your Vindicating Protective Refuge will show Himself strong in your life.

Your timely victory is sure to be accompanied with a table prepared for you in the presence of your enemies lacking no good thing! Be encouraged today that although things aren’t going the way that you desire, Your Divine designer has stitched a custom, exclusive, one-of-a-kind masterpiece and master plan for your life, and when others see your favored embellished coat of many colors they will know it was from the LORD! So when things appear to not be moving along or forward, trust that God is coming through for you in a timely victory.

When your dreams seem like they won’t come to pass, trust God’s Word and believe that God is coming through for you in a timely victory. When situations cause you to feel defeated, hold on to your faith in God’s promised word and trust that His word will not return to Him void, He is coming through on time. God is on time because He is the Author of time and will come through for you every time! No matter what, don’t forfeit your promised divine sure blessings for the allured lies of Satan. Ask God for wisdom, discernment, and peace as you wait for Him to come through for you in your timely victory! Amen.

Timely Wisdom

“Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.”- Proverbs 4:6-7

God comes through on time in providing wisdom during situations in life that appear confusing. Throughout God’s Word we read several accounts when individuals faced situations when timely wisdom was vital. They needed the timely wisdom of God to enforce God-honoring solutions to the present problem. For example, Solomon asked God for wisdom on how to govern his people effectively, and God came through in timely wisdom when a dispute took place between two mothers and their children. Daniel replied with discretion and wisdom to Nebuchadnezzar’s bodyguard when a decree went out to put him and his friends to death.

God came through in timely wisdom for Daniel to not only communicate and function in times of turmoil, but God granted Daniel wisdom for the interpretation of the king’s dream. Esther sought wisdom when she learned about the evil attempt of Haman regarding the annihilation of her people. Ananias sought wisdom from God when called to follow God’s will and purpose when commanded to go lay his hands on Saul.

In following God’s timely wisdom, Ananias’ obedience led to Saul regaining his sight and being filled with the Holy Spirit. God’s Word is a reminder to you that God is timeless, holds time, not bound by time because He created time. These accounts are just a few of several testimonies in the Bible for believers to stand firm and know that no matter what we face, God is timely as it relates to His promise of wisdom being activated and in full effect in your life.

Don’t think for one moment that God will not show up on time for you, even when you feel and it appears that time is lost, the time is over, and you can’t regain time. God is the One who has a plan for your life and He always fulfills His purpose, plan, and will for your life in due season (HIS TIME!). When you ask our Heavenly Father for wisdom, He promises in His Word to give it to you without finding fault. God’s timely wisdom will kick in, in every situation, even when you naturally think you aren’t prepared to get through a particular issue. Be encouraged today that God will provide you with timely wisdom as it relates to every decision and aspect in your life. Trust Him. God is coming through for you!


Life’s challenging obstacles can cause us to feel overwhelmed with heartache, sadness, and despair. During these challenging experiences in our lives, it is vital that we draw close to God so He will draw close to us. Although you face troubles, remember that God, our heavenly, all-knowing Father, knew what you would encounter before the foundations of the earth were laid.

That unpleasant, life-changing experience you faced might’ve been a shock to you, but God knew about that before He created you and He already set up an internal encouragement system within you to assist you during difficult times, when you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and Savior. Despite the setbacks, detours, and pit stops you face, remember that God has a purpose for you that will be fulfilled.

In scripture, David experienced a devastating, overwhelming event. David returned home with his men only to find that the Amalekites raided and burned his land with fire and took captive the women and children. David and the people who were with him wept until they were too exhausted to weep any more, and the people with David spoke of stoning him. Everyone was affected and in distress, but God came through in timely encouragement.

Remember David had a relationship with God; David was a worshiper and a man after God’s own heart. So even in the midst of distress, the scripture states that David felt strengthened and encouraged in the LORD His God and sought God’s direction regarding his troubles and David recovered all that the enemy stole from him. After David encouraged himself in God, I believe he was able to inquire of God’s direction because he had faith and witnessed God’s provision, protection, and promises performed in the past and knew without a doubt that God would come through for him.

You’ve probably experienced a situation similar to David when your steps were ordered to return to a place and everything was totally out of your control, individuals connected to you were negatively impacted and their actions and words indicated that they wanted to get rid of you! Let this be encouragement to you that no matter the situation you are facing or have faced, allow God’s encouragement system to kick in (The Holy Spirit) and inquire of Him at all times regarding your route of divine recovery. God comes through on time for you!